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£500,000 home left in ruins after payment dispute with builder

A builder has ‘destroyed’ a £500,000 home in anger after a payment dispute in Leicester.

The 40-year-old homeowner originally had issues concerning the scaffolding on his property. However, he has been abroad ever since the renovation had started and has found it challenging to resolve matters whilst not being able to return home.

Discovering that the builder had demolished the roof and left the front garden covered in rubble, he is now finding it difficult to resolve the matter in its entirety.

Located in the Stoneygate region of Leicester, the homeowner says that the house is worth £540,000 and has now been left missing a roof.

Not only this, but the front garden is scattered in ruins after the builder had decided to undo the work he had done due to a dispute over money.

The homeowner went on to state that the contractor had done the “worst” job and he refused to pay out the £3,500 cost, for the lack of professionalism.

Originally being worked on to become a family home of six, the house was said to have been getting a two-storey extension, new roof, new wiring, and a bigger push being eco-friendly.

However, when he refused to pay the builder £3,500, the builder left the building in its current state and the scaffolding was retrieved by the company it belonged to.

Having contacted the police, it was then suggested that this was a dispute and not a criminal case.

Disputes over property can arise for any number of reasons, particularly where there are adjoining properties, and can escalate quickly if not dealt with professionally and sensitively.

Sometimes the matter can be resolved informally and there is no need for legal help, but if you find you are not able to communicate amicably with the other party, or if the other party has involved a solicitor, then our helpful and experienced team of legal experts at Mander Hadley are here to help.

For more help or advice on related matters, please contact us today.

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