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Buying a New Build House

Buying property is probably the most expensive transaction you will ever be involved in, and where the property concerned is your home, then it is going to be the most important move you make.  Here Jackie Prior, Head of Residential Conveyancing at law firm Mander Hadley Solicitors, considers the pros and cons of buying a new build house and the importance of having an independent solicitor to protect your interests…

Moving into a brand new home is an exciting time and there are a number of advantages:

  • You will be the first to live in the property
  • You will be able to choose fixtures and fittings and upgrade to higher specifications
  • You may be able to negotiate on price, extras and costs
  • The property has warranties and guarantees
  • The property will be more environmentally friendly and constructed using up to date standards
  • It should need minimal maintenance and repair and running costs will be lower
  • You may be able to part-exchange your current property to make the process smoother

However, there may also be some downsides:

  • There can sometimes be snagging issues that the builder may not address until after completion
  • New developments may have common areas that require regular financial contributions
  • Completion dates are not always agreed in advance and this could affect your sale (if you have one)
  • Contracts allow the builder to make changes to the specifications described in the marketing particulars
  • Some new houses are leasehold and are subject to escalating ground rents
  • There is likely to be disruption while the estate is being completed – the roads and landscaping are the last to be completed and could take years
  • The builder may impose restrictions on future extensions and alterations or what can be parked on the drive
  • There may be issues regarding boundary positions, ownership of the land or rights of way

Specialist conveyancing solicitors are trained in the legal requirements of transferring and mortgaging titles to properties, and have the expertise to investigate, research, and report on all such matters and to advise if anything is wrong.  New home buyers need peace of mind that the solicitor they instruct to carry out their conveyancing is acting in their best interests.  You don’t have to use a solicitor recommended by the builder of your new home.  You are free to choose your own independent solicitor.

For advice and help with buying a new build home and all other residential sales and purchases, please contact Jackie Prior on 01926 857 631 or email

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Jackie Prior

Jackie Prior

Associate Director – Head of Residential Conveyancing
I have specialised in residential conveyancing for more than 30 years, working my way from an office junior, progressing to a paralegal and qualifying as a solicitor in 2001.

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