Client Feedback Questionnaire

As part of our commitment to improving the service we provide, we send our clients this feedback questionnaire. We would be grateful if you could help us by completing and submitting this form.

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Q1. How satisfied were you with our overall level of service? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Very satisfied Fairly Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Fairly dissatisfied Very dissatisfied

Q2. Did we give you information/advice that was easy to understand? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Very easy Fairly easy Neither easy nor difficult Fairly difficult Very difficult

Q3. How helpful did you find our staff? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Very helpful Fairly helpful Neither helpful nor unhelpful Fairly unhelpful Very unhelpful

Q4. How good were we at keeping you up-to-date with progress? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Very good Fairly good Neither good nor poor Fairly poor Very poor Not Applicable – one off advice given

Q5. How good were we at listening to what you had to say? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Very good Fairly good Neither good nor poor Fairly poor Very poor

Q6. Did we treat you fairly at all times? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Yes No  

Q6a. If you believe you were treated unfairly due to e.g. your ethnic background, sex, religion or any other reason please tell us briefly what happened.

Q7. Would you recommend us to someone else if they needed legal help or advice? [PLEASE TICK ONE BOX]

Certain to Likely to Might or might not Unlikely to Certain not to

Q7a. Please give your reason(s) for your answer to Q7.

Q8. Do you have any further comments on the service you received, or suggestions that may help us to improve our level of service?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your responses are completely confidential. However, if you would like us to contact you to discuss any of the issues raised, or if you are happy for us to use your comments in our marketing material or on our website, or if you are interested in any of our services, please tick the appropriate boxes and complete your name and address below.

  I would like you to contact me to discuss my responses to this questionnaire.   I am happy for you to attribute my name to my above comments in your marketing material/website.

I would like to receive information about the following services:

Residential Conveyancing
Powers of Attorney
Dispute Resolution
Personal Injury
Commercial Property
Court of Protection
Wills and Inheritance Tax Planning
Probate/Estate Administration
Landlord & Tenant
Motoring Offences
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