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Divorce rates are expected to soar as the cost of living crisis causes unhappiness all around

The first working day in January is lightly dubbed as Divorce Day as January often sees increased numbers of divorce inquiries due to tension and time off during Christmas.

But this year, predictions of divorce rates are higher as experts believe that the economic crisis will have an impact on relationships.

How can the economy affect relationships?

A poll conducted by the charity, Relate, has found that 19 per cent of Britons are considering ending their relationship in 2023 and 35 per cent have admitted that the cost of living crisis is likely to strain their relationship further.

Financial difficulties can cause newer couples to move in together quicker than they otherwise would have whereas married couples may no longer have the ability to spend quality time together due to increasing prices and less money for luxuries.

Higher rates of divorce are also expected this year as the full impact of the ‘no fault’ divorce law will be seen after coming into effect in April 2022.

This allows couples to jointly apply for divorce and not have the need to attribute blame which can allow divorce proceedings to be quicker in some situations.

What should you do if you want a divorce?

If you feel able to, discuss your thoughts with your partner to see what they think.

If they are thinking similarly, then you could decide to begin a joint divorce application especially if you are on amicable terms with your partner and are on the same page.

Divorce is a complex matter so it is important to come to terms with your thoughts and feelings and talk to someone that you trust.

For more advice on divorce, contact us.

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