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Government announces new ‘First Homes’ scheme for first-time buyers

The Government has announced the launch of the ‘First Homes’ scheme for first-time buyers.

The new scheme will see new property prices reduced by up to one-third for first-time buyers, with the Government stating that those who are attempting to get onto the property ladder in their local area will save an average of £100,000.

One of the main aspects of the new system is reducing the cost of the required deposit, with the Government keen to ensure that people don’t have to move away from their hometown to find a suitable and affordable first home.

The new scheme will be funded via contributions to the planning system, with the Government emphasising that there will be no additional costs as housing developers already provide the contributions.

Armed forces personnel are set to be given priority, with councils being urged to allow teachers, nurses, police and other ‘front-line’ workers to also be given priority for the scheme.

Robert Jenrick, Housing Secretary, said: “First Homes will be genuinely life-changing for people all over the country looking to buy their first home.

“I know that many who are seeking to buy their own home in their local areas have been forced out due to rising prices.

“The discount will be passed on with the sale of the property to future FTBs, helping thousands more people in years to come and ensuring local communities can stick together.”

The Government has now begun a consultation period as it seeks feedback on the new system, with a focus on a price cap for any properties that qualify for the scheme.

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Becky Cutting

Becky Cutting

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I joined Mander Hadley in 2019 as a Conveyancing Executive in the Residential Property team.

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