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Listen to our latest podcast on pre-nups

Stuart Daniel, our Head of Family Law, has recently recorded a podcast on pre-nups which is available to listen to for free here.

What is a pre-nup?

Many couples preparing for marriage may have accrued significant assets in their own names prior to the relationship or marriage, such as property, business interests, pensions, savings etc.

The best way to ensure that each party’s assets are protected in the event of an unfortunate breakdown in the marriage, is to ensure that a pre-nuptial agreement is prepared.

A pre-nuptial agreement or ‘prenup’ as it is often referred to, is a formal document which enables couples to set out exactly, in writing, what will happen to their individual assets in the event of a divorce.

In recent years, pre-nuptial agreements have been growing increasingly common in the UK, as divorce rates continue to rise and celebrity splits reveal messy examples of what might happen if divorce proceedings go pear-shaped.

For more information about putting in place either a pre-nup or post-nup agreement, please get in touch with us.

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