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Managing intergenerational wealth – What do you need to consider?

Many families have worked hard to build wealth and secure a financial future for the next generations.

However, as you plan for the future, it’s important to consider how your wealth will be managed and passed down.

Building a lasting legacy requires careful planning and consideration of your family’s unique circumstances.

Start with a solid foundation

The first step in building a lasting legacy is to establish a solid foundation.

This includes creating a comprehensive estate plan, setting up trusts and other structures to protect your assets, and ensuring that your beneficiaries are properly designated.

Involve your family

Your wealth and legacy will have a significant impact on your family, so it’s important to involve them in the planning process.

This can include holding family meetings to discuss your goals and values, and identifying ways to ensure that your wealth supports the needs and aspirations of your family members.

Think long term

Building a lasting legacy requires a long-term perspective.

This means thinking beyond your own lifetime and considering how your wealth can benefit future generations.

You may want to consider setting up trusts or other structures that can provide ongoing support for your family’s needs and goals.

Planning ahead now can help your family in years to come.

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