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Personal injury claim from company director found to be dishonest

A Director of BR Motors Services was found to have been fundamentally dishonest for pursuing a five-year claim for personal injury, credit hire and storage.

Jose Carlos de Oliveira Junior Gorla submitted a claim to the motor insurer Haven Insurance after he got into a motorcycling accident on the A40 in High Holborn, London, in May 2016.

However, Haven Insurance was suspicious of the claim and hired a company to investigate. It was then that the company discovered Gorla worked as a Director for BR Motors Services and had invoiced them for recovery and storage after the accident. Although, Gorla said he was a motorcycle courier.

Additionally, Gorla claimed he suffered continual joint pain from the accident. But, the company investigating the claim found he has a 15-year history of joint pain that arthritis caused.

Upon undergoing his medical assessment for the claim, Gorla revealed he experienced knee pain within hours of the accident and, his only relevant medical history was surgery for ligament repair six years ago which left him without symptoms after the operation.

The medical expert on the assessment reported that Gorla sustained minor psychological damage lasting eight months, along with a knee injury lasting six. They also stated they were not informed of Gorla’s medical and accident history during the assessment.

The investigation company discovered Gorla had a history of making personal industry and insurance claims. Such as this time around, where he stated that he needed to enter into a credit hire agreement for a replacement motorcycle to continue working – claiming £6,500 from Haven Insurance for hire.

The trial was held before District Judge Armstrong who found the evidence wholly unreliable, according to sources.  Gorla’s claim was dismissed and he was ordered to repay a without prejudice payment of £1,505, along with Haven Insurance’s costs of £8,000.

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