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Recruiting and retaining staff: How can you improve your processes?

As an employer, it is important to ensure you have good recruitment and retainment processes in place to support a smooth workflow and to help your employees feel supported.

It is vital for you to consider and assess your approaches to ensure you are maximising your procedures.

So, what can you do to improve?

Are you doing all you can to stand out to potential candidates?

Ever since the pandemic changed the way we work, employers are more often open to offering remote working in the UK.

Recent statistics have found that there has been an increase by 274 per cent in remote working post pandemic.

Additionally, searches for remote work soared by 674 per cent. Almost three years on, it is clear to see that the remote and hybrid working model is here to stay.

If you do not offer this type of flexibility, there’s a high likelihood people will click off your job ad and look elsewhere.

However, this should be balanced against the practical and commercial requirements of your business.

Workplace and wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of your workforce will always be highly important, and potential employees will be taking it into consideration.

Simply put, if you don’t look after your employees’ happiness, you won’t be attracting as much talent as you could be and may struggle to retain existing employees.

Diversity and inclusion

As more younger workers enter the job market in 2023, employers must evaluate their diversity and inclusion policies.

Recent research from Glassdoor found that diversity and inclusion policies are more valuable to younger staff than those in other age groups.

By being inclusive, you can also recruit a more diverse pool of talent, which will only benefit your business in the long term.

However, take care not to implement any recruitment policies which may be considered discriminatory to those with protected characteristics.

Competitive wage

Offering a competitive wage shows employees that you value them and the work that they do, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis.

As well as this, an increasing number of employers are offering benefits such as healthcare services, paid time off, family leave, gym memberships, mental health support, amongst much more.

As this becomes more commonplace, you might consider reviewing the benefits that you offer, and adding to or upgrading these if possible.

If you need advice on your onboarding process or workplace policies, contact us today.

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