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If you are a land or property owner, you may interested in disposing of your site to a developer.

At Mander Hadley, we can ensure you get the best price or alternatively help put together a joint venture with the developer.

We can also provide advice on issues such as a land option or ‘overage’ agreements.

An option agreement is a contract made between a landowner and a potential purchaser of their property, in return for a non-refundable sum of money, the potential purchaser of the land has a legally binding option to buy at a certain date or within an agreed time-frame, or after completion of a certain event, for example after obtaining planning permission.

As a seller, the advantage of a land option is that you are able to sell the land without investing in obtaining a planning permission and other matters which the purchaser will undertake.

Alternatively, you may be a developer with an opportunity to buy a site. At Mander Hadley, we can provide legal advice and support from the initial contract or option agreement, through the planning process, funding and other related issues, to the successful completion of the acquisition.

After completion, we can also provide advice and support regarding infrastructure agreements with third parties and assembling the site ready for construction, as well as legal assistance to handle subsequent sales or lettings.

Mander Hadley’s commercial property and finance team have expertise in looking after the interests of both land owners and developers, so we understand the commercial and practical goals of both.

Our range of legal services include advice and support on:

  • Buying and selling land for development
  • Conditional contracts.
  • Negotiating and implementing option agreements
  • Overage agreements and ‘clawback’
  • Planning agreements and road infrastructure agreements
  • Service agreements for drainage, gas and electricity with service providers
  • Dealing with restrictive covenants
  • Negotiating the granting or release easements
  • Plot sales and commercial lettings
  • Dealing with un-adopted roadways and common areas of a developed site including setting up management companies

Mander Hadley’s highly experienced Dispute Resolution team are also able to support you in the event of any disputes with other land owners or developers.

Contact us now and let us take care of your estate development needs. You are in safe hands at Mander Hadley.