Motoring Offences

Mander Hadley’s specialist motoring offences team is able to offer advice and representation for a whole range of road traffic offences. The penalties for such offences range from fines, licence endorsements and disqualifications through to community and jail sentences, so it is vital to have the help of an expert.

free-guide-download Motoring offences include speeding, drink or drug driving, careless or dangerous driving, incidents involving injuries and fatalities, and driving while disqualified.

Dangerous driving and offences resulting in injury or death

If you are accused of dangerous driving or a driving offence resulting in injury or death, you may be facing Crown Court proceedings and serious penalties including imprisonment.  Our specialists can advise you on the evidence and any potential defences and/or mitigation, and are able to provide you with representation to ensure the best possible outcome.

Drink driving

If you are guilty of drink driving, you will normally be disqualified from driving for at least twelve months. This is a complex area of law requiring the police to follow the correct procedures. Our experts can advise you on whether you have a potential defence or, in certain limited circumstances, reasons to attempt to persuade the court not to disqualify you.


If you are accused of driving at high speed, you may face disqualification from driving which in turn may impact upon your livelihood. We can assist by putting forward reasons on your behalf to avoid or reduce the period of disqualification.

“Totting up” disqualifications

If you are in danger of having your licence endorsed with penalty points which bring the total number of points on your licence to twelve or more within a three year period, you will be facing the possibility of a “totting up” disqualification, usually for a minimum period of six months. We can advise you on whether there are mitigating circumstances to avoid or reduce such a ban and put those factors to the court on your behalf.

Contact us now and our experienced and highly specialist legal team at Mander Hadley will help and support you every step of the way, ensuring that a strong defence or mitigating circumstances are presented to the court to help secure the best possible outcome for you.

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