Contested Wills

There are many reasons why you may feel that a Will is unfair or wrong.

guide-pdf-version In the UK we enjoy a freedom to leave our estates by Will to whoever we please, without restriction.

This is in contrast to some countries where there is forced heirship because their laws require certain relatives to receive a set proportion of the estate.

The freedom in the UK to do as we please, is counter balanced by the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

This gives certain relatives, who may feel hard done by, the right to ask the Courts to review a Will and to make amends if it is found that the Will is unfair.

Equally, there are times when a Will might be invalid because of the circumstances in which it was made.

The person making the Will might not have had sufficient mental capacity to make the Will or pressure and influence might have been applied so that the Will does not properly reflect the individual’s true wishes.

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