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Property disputes cover a wide range of areas including:

A minor disagreement or disturbance between parties can quickly spiral out of control into a bitter legal battle if advice isn’t sought early on and become a major drain on your time and resources unless handled quickly and efficiently.

Depending on the nature of the dispute, it might not always be necessary – or sensible – to pursue a lengthy court battle to reach a resolution.

For those reasons it is imperative that you have the right advice to hand to try and prevent the dispute from escalating.

Our helpful and experienced team of legal experts at Mander Hadley are here to help. 

We can offer advice and support on all aspects of property disputes including:

  • Rights of way
  • Restrictive covenants and breaches
  • Boundary disputes
  • Tree roots and invasive vegetation
  • Party walls
  • Rights to light
  • Property trespass and nuisance
  • Adverse possession
  • Village green applications
  • Compulsory purchase notifications
  • Requests by utility companies to use your land – also known as wayleave agreements and easements 

Here are a few recent examples of property disputes that we’ve resolved for our clients: 

  • Commercial premises owned by our client had rights of access to toilet facilities on a neighbouring property but the neighbouring owner prevented access to those facilities. The value of our client’s property reduced because its tenants refused to pay rent and left as, without toilet facilities, they could not operate their businesses.  We successfully enforced the right of access.
  • A client with ground floor commercial premises was sued by the owner of the premises situated above, alleging loss of support and damage following works to our client’s property. We successfully resolved the issue in our client’s favour.
  • A client bought a residential property, which was subject to ongoing court proceedings relating to alleged rights of way and access in favour of an adjoining owner. The court proceedings had been in existence for many years before our client purchased the property.  Our client sought our help in successfully resolving and defeating the claims of the adjoining owner.
  • Obtaining possession of a piece of land, on which people had been parking illegally for years. We successfully resolved the issue of possession in our client’s favour.
  • Defending multiple claims by an adjoining property owner, alleging harassment, trespass and criminal damage to the adjoining property. We enabled our client to defeat those claims and obtain an extended civil restraint order against the neighbour, preventing further court proceedings.
  • Pursuing compensation claims for clients whose home was struck and partially demolished by a motor vehicle rendering them and their family homeless. We pursued claims for the clients to recover their substantial losses.
  • A claim for blight compensation following damage to a property. We successfully fought for compensation on our client’s behalf. 

Whatever the property dispute, the team at Mander Hadley can help. During our initial, free, no obligation telephone chat, we will take the time to understand exactly what’s happened and then suggest the best way of achieving a successful resolution to the dispute.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you with property disputes. You are in safe hands at Mander Hadley.

For more information please consult our Property Disputes Experts:

For more information please consult our Property Disputes Experts: