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If you’re involved in a legal dispute and you want to prevent further harm, protect your interests or enforce your rights, we can support you with an application for an injunction.

Is an injunction right for you?

An injunction is designed to provide protection through either civil or criminal courts to prevent someone doing something (prohibitive injunction) or force them to do something (mandatory injunctions).

You might approach us to obtain a prohibitive civil injunction to prevent:

  • The publication of content about you, such as unsubstantiated accusations
  • Domestic violence, such as a non-molestation order
  • Someone selling or destroying your property
  • Someone who owes you money leaving the country
  • Ongoing nuisances on your property

A mandatory injunction is less common but may be obtained to enforce:

  • A search order to gain access to a home or workplace
  • Existing contractual obligations
  • The protection of confidential information

If you think you might need to apply for an injunction, try to keep detailed records of any interactions with or infringements by the other party as you’ll need to demonstrate why an injunction is necessary before it can be granted.

How can we help?

We can advise you on the process of applying for and obtaining an injunction.

In the first instance, we’ll advise you on your position and help you to write to the respondent and achieve an informal resolution.

If this does not adequately address the problem, we can support you in progressing the matter by:

  • Collating evidence of the issue
  • Preparing the case that an injunction is required
  • Appealing to the court for enforcement

Obtaining an injunction may be more complex or straightforward depending on your circumstances and other parties involved.

We can help you present the matter to the civil courts with our pragmatic approach and depth of experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

If you’re considering applying for an injunction, we can help. Get in touch with the Mander Hadley Dispute Resolution team today for tailored support.