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Buying and selling at auction can be appropriate for particular properties and accelerates the conveyancing process.

As a seller you need your solicitor to create and provide the perfect legal contract package to be available in the weeks before the auction date, for any potential buyer to look through. As a buyer you need to have everything in that pack which you would need to enable you to bid and buy with confidence. As the hammer falls the contract is set in stone, so equally a buyer needs full and expert advice on all aspects of the contract paperwork and the property before making a bid and paying the deposit.

Forward planning, and anticipation of any possible query, is the key to a successful auction and we have years of experience in preparing and reviewing auction packs, to help.

One of our helpful team of property experts can attend the auction on your behalf and deal with the legal work which follows a successful bid.

Contact us now for an initial chat and we will be glad to look after your legal needs when buying or selling at auction. You are in safe hands at Mander Hadley.

For more information please consult our Auctions Experts: