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Below is a list of specific examples of various types of work, which do not fall within the scope of our standard conveyancing estimate. We believe it is fair to let you know that additional legal fees may be payable, and what to expect should additional work arise in a transaction. These fees are estimates and may vary depending on the complexity of the matter.

Type of workFeeVATTotal
Dealing with unregistered land£200£40£240
Arranging/approving indemnity insurance (per policy)£50£10£60
Help to Buy ISA (per application)£50£10£60
Help to Buy equity mortgage loan in sale or purchase£200£40£240
Gifted deposit from third party£100£20£120
Dealing with Forces Deposit Scheme£50£10£60
Declaration of trust (from)£250£50£300
Deed of covenant£125£25£150
Statutory declaration for title rectification£125£25£150
Administering service charge retention (payable on completion)£95£19£114
Discharge second mortgage/secured loan£75£15£90
Redeeming unsecured loan£75£15£90
Occupiers waiver / consent form£75£15£90
Mortgage platform administration£35£7£47
Electronic identity verification (per name)£20£4£24
Electronic verification of funds (per person)£5£1£6
Cheque stopped at clients request£15£3£18
Cheque returned unpaid£15£3£18
Bank transfer administration fee (per transfer) UK£35£7£42
Bank transfer administration fee (per transfer) outside UK£40£8£48
Deed of postponement (per mortgage)£125£25£150
Removal of caution, notice or restriction or otherwise dealing with them£125£25£150
Freehold with management company£200£40£240

We charge an hourly rate of £240 (including VAT) for:

  • Dealing with a third party lawyer (e.g. matrimonial transaction or separate lawyer for lender)
  • Dealing with solar panels where the property is being sold or purchased with solar panels (owned or leased)

The above estimates do not include Land Registry or third party charges.

For more information please consult our Residential Conveyancing Experts: