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Wills – 15 things to think about

  1. What exactly is a Will?
    A Will is a legally binding written statement of your wishes and it only comes into effect when you die. It says who is to receive what from your Estate and on what terms. A Will is a technical document, and in particular there are very strict rules about how a Will must be signed and witnessed. If these rules are not followed, then the Will might be invalid. Above all else, avoid the trap of the DIY Will. We have the expertise to help you and we will make sure that your Will is prepared properly.
  2. What is the Estate which I can leave in my Will?
    Your Estate is anything you own in terms of your house (but not of course if you are simply renting it), possessions and cash savings or investments (including life assurances and rental properties) after payment of your debts (including any house mortgages), funeral expenses and taxes. We would encourage you to keep an assets log or schedule which you can periodically update, with valuations as appropriate.

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