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Redundancy happens when your job disappears. It is not the same thing as being dismissed from your job for other reasons.

If you are facing redundancy there are rules in place which mean that your employer must treat you fairly and act in accordance with your contract and the law.

free-guide-download These rights include making sure you’re consulted, following the right selection process and giving you proper notice. If not, then you could have a claim for unfair dismissal or claim compensation for lack of consultation.

Your employer must use a fair and objective way of selecting job roles to make you redundant and explain this.  If you feel you have been selected unfairly, for example on the grounds of your age, gender, race or some other unfair reason, you can normally appeal and if you are still not satisfied you can take your employer to a tribunal.

If you feel that you have been made redundant unfairly, then you need to contact us urgently. It’s important to act quickly as you only have three months from the end of your employment to claim for unfair dismissal.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you with advice on redundancy and your rights. You are in safe hands at Mander Hadley.

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