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Three common mistakes made in DIY divorces

If you and your partner want a divorce, you may have heard about DIY divorces and feel that it is the best way for you to get divorced easily and spend less money on the process.

DIY divorces are a way for people to represent themselves when applying for a divorce but by doing this, it is possible to make many mistakes and end up in a more complicated position than if you choose to get legal advice in the first instance.

Below are the top mistakes made during DIY divorces.

Financial issues

Organising and agreeing on finances with your ex-partner is a separate process, which many do not realise.

Divorcing without legal advise can often lead to issues when it comes to finances as there was no financial settlement.

This can lead to your ex-partner applying for provisions from any pensions or applying for payment of a lump sum, transfer or sale of a property.


Completing your divorce yourself can lead to errors and this will cause delays in the process depending on the severity of the errors.

By getting advice from a solicitor, you will save yourself time and can trust that the application is correct from the beginning.


In some cases, there have been issues found when one person in the divorcing couple remarries and finds that they have lost their financial claims while the other person retains theirs.

When circumstances such as these arise, it is vital that you seek legal advice.

Our expert family solicitors can help you with the difficult process of divorce and ensure that no mistakes are made.

Get in touch today for more advice.

Stuart Daniel

Head of Family Department

I qualified as a Solicitor in 2006 and now specialise in divorce, financial settlements, childcare arrangements and Pre Nuptial Agreements. I have many years’ experience as a private family lawyer having worked with two other local firms before returning to Mander Hadley, where I first undertook work experience during my university studies.