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What is Good Divorce Week?

A divorce can pose many risks such as damaging finances, hefty court bills and complications involving child arrangements.

Good Divorce Week, which is run by Resolution, takes place from 28 November to 2 December and aims to raise awareness of how divorces can be dealt with away from the court.

A divorce can be a chance for a fresh start, and you will want to ensure your new life begins in the best way possible.

What is Good Divorce Week?

Good Divorce Week highlights how families can resolve their divorce without intervention from a court.

There are various circumstances in which a court procedure is necessary, such as where the relationship has been abusive or where disagreements prove to be intractable. If your divorce is one in which these issues are not present, it is worth considering the alternatives to court.

How to resolve a divorce without unnecessary conflict

There are various ways in which families can look to resolve a divorce away from the court.

An important first step is to be aware of the legal position and the rights of the different parties, including children.

Seeking independent legal advice is a good way not only to understand the legal process, but also to get an objective view of the situation.

An objective view is important, because divorce touches upon virtually everything that matters to people in their lives and so it is inevitable that emotions can run high.

Being aware of the risk of your own emotions running high can help you take a step back and resist any urges to punish your ex, which is likely to lead to more conflict and a worse outcome for all involved.

A good way of managing your emotions during the divorce process is to view it as a fresh start and to prioritise steps that help you begin your new life positively.

What does this look like in practice?

Mediation can help achieve clear communication throughout the process of divorce.

While this is one form of alternative dispute resolution, there are also other options such as arbitration, adjudication, and conciliation.

You should consider the long-term financial and emotional consequences of decisions and how this may impact you and your family in the future.

Despite complex circumstances and differing goals following a divorce, we can offer support and advice in helping you achieve a good divorce.

Principled Negotiations

An important and less well-known development in family law in recent years has been the rise of Principled Negotiations. Principled Negotiations aim to create a workable relationship between spouses the following divorce in the interest of children or financial arrangements.

This method aims for both parties to collaborate for the best possible outcome in the interests of both partners, finances, and children rather than focusing on a competitive approach.

This process creates fairness and prioritises the importance to both parties in achieving a successful divorce.

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