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Wills: ‘Unwanted war baby’ awarded share of £2.4 million estate

A 77-year-old man who was left out of his father’s £2.4 million Will because he was an “unwanted war baby” has been awarded a share of the estate by the High Court.

Colin Johnston stated that he felt that his parents had always preferred his younger brother, Gary. His mother passed away in 2013, and his brother Gary died three years later, with his father dying in March 2017 and bequeathing his entire estate to Colin’s niece, Lady Natalie Wackett.

Colin’s father had purchased manorial titles for himself, his wife, his son Gary and Gary’s two children, making them Lord and Ladies, but neglected to purchase one for Colin.

Mr Johnson stated that he had worked for his father for more than 30 years before a significant argument resulted in the deterioration of their relationship.

Johnson believes that the timing of his birth led to his poor relationship with his parents, stating that he was an “unwanted war baby” born in 1942, while his father was serving in the RAF.

Sidney Johnson, Colin’s father, left an estate which was valued at £2.4 million, and Colin claimed for £870,000, before revising this figure to £125,000, which was awarded to him at the High Court.

Judge Edwin Johnson stated in his ruling, that: “Sidney had made a decision that Colin should inherit nothing from him by 1976 – if not from an earlier date.

“I very much regret that it seems that what Sidney actually intended for his property and what he gave Colin to understand, were two very different things. I do make the finding that, in this respect, Colin was misled by his father.”

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Linsey Graham
I have worked for Mander Hadley for 17 years and specialise in Wills, trusts, tax, probate and the administration of estates.

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