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Top tips for choosing the right land for your commercial property

Choosing the ideal land for the development of your commercial property involves several considerations aimed at ensuring the success and sustainability of your project.

The importance of each factor can vary significantly depending on the type of commercial property you are considering, whether it be office space, industrial or retail, making tailored research and planning essential.

Assessing physical and environmental factors

Understanding the physical characteristics of the land is vital. This involves examining the soil condition, forming of the land, drainage capabilities and any associated flood risks.

Certain characteristics may impact construction costs or even the feasibility of your project. Pay particular attention to potential challenges like flood risks or contaminated land.

Equally important is the consideration of the proposed development’s environmental sustainability. This encompasses the potential impacts on protected areas and wildlife, as well as broader ecological concerns.

Market trends

A thorough review of local market trends and the demand for commercial property can greatly impact strategic decision-making.

Investigating the level of competition in the area, and understanding the presence of similar businesses and the target market’s preferences, would be highly beneficial for investors.

The research will provide valuable insights into the viability of your proposed commercial development and can help you assess the market saturation and identify niches or opportunities for differentiation.

Strategic location

The site’s location significantly influences the potential for land development.

Areas exhibiting strong market demand and the potential for future growth are particularly attractive to buyers.

Depending on the type of property project you have, the proximity of the site to essential amenities can significantly enhance its appeal.

For example, when planning to construct a new office building, prioritising a plot with excellent transport connections and proximity to local amenities, such as shops and cafes, is important.

This strategic choice not only ensures convenience for future employees but also adds to the attractiveness of the workplace, potentially drawing a higher calibre of tenants.

In the case of developing a retail shop, opting for a location with a high volume of pedestrian traffic is highly sought after.

A bustling, accessible area can significantly increase customer footfall which can enhance the business’s visibility and profitability.

Local infrastructure

The availability of essential infrastructure services, including water, sewage, electricity and gas is fundamental for any development.

Land in areas with well-established infrastructure is more attractive and can lead to lower development costs and quicker project completion times.

Future development plans

Stay informed about any planned developments or infrastructure projects in the vicinity of the land.

Future projects can significantly impact the value and attractiveness of your commercial property, either positively by enhancing accessibility and local amenities, or negatively by increasing competition.

What can a property solicitor do to help?

Seeking expert legal advice when purchasing land for commercial property development is highly advisable.

A property solicitor specialises in these transactions and can offer invaluable assistance throughout the process.

  • Due diligence: Conducting thorough checks on the land, including searches and title checks, ensures there are no disputes or restrictions that could affect your ownership or use of the land.
  • Contracts: Drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure they reflect your interests and protect your investment. This includes negotiating terms with sellers and addressing any issues that arise during the process.
  • Regulatory compliance: Advising on planning permissions and environmental considerations to ensure your development complies with all legal requirements.

Do you need advice regarding purchasing land for a commercial property? Get in touch today.

Carl Jones

Director - Head of Commercial Department

I qualified as a Solicitor having completed my training with Mander Hadley in 1992 and am a member of the Law Society Property Section and The Warwickshire Law Society.