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One of the key issues for any divorcing or separating couple, is resolving the financial arrangements going forward.

At Mander Hadley, we adopt a conciliatory and methodical approach to guide you through each stage of the negotiation process.

Many couples wish to avoid the expense of Court proceedings to resolve their financial arrangements and often seek to reach a settlement through direct negotiation.

Whilst we encourage couples to keep communication open, we understand that this may not always be possible.

If you find you are unable to negotiate a financial settlement directly with your spouse, we recommend that you engage in Mediation.

An independent and professionally trained Mediator assists couples to engage in focused negotiation to reach a settlement. In any event, before either party is able to issue Court Proceedings, it is now compulsory to attend Mediation in the first instance.

As part of the negotiations, both parties will be required to provide full and frank financial disclosure to establish what assets are available for division.

From then on, the positions of the parties must be considered when deciding upon whether a settlement is fair and reasonable in all the circumstances.

If negotiations breakdown between the parties, then court proceedings may need to be issued in order to keep matters progressing.

Whilst the notion of attending court may be a daunting prospect, taking this step provides a structured timetable to ensure that matters progress and unnecessary delays are avoided.

At Mander Hadley, our friendly and knowledgeable team of Family Law experts will guide you through each stage and ensure that you are fully represented to achieve the best outcome and peace of mind.

Contact us now and let us guide you through the process of divorce and separation. You are in safe hands at Mander Hadley.

Finances in Divorce: What do you need to know?

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